RUHE ~ Soul or Essence
      The RUHE range of incenses reflects some of the fundamental stories or expressions of
      This range brings together 8 of these universal archetypes, innate themes that reflect our
      sense of self, designed to embrace, understand and celebrate you or another
      Across all cultures and eras are archetypes, found in our collective unconscious, the sum
      total of all of us.
      Everyone has their role or place in the great tapestry of life, we invite you to recognise
      Are you motivated to connect, leave your mark, create and provide, or to seek the great

      RUHE - A mirror to our inner-being, to deepen self- understanding.

      The artwork is a gorgeous collaboration with Danielle Winter, a NZ artist and global citizen
      whose inspiration draws on a deep connection to the moon, a symbol universally associated
      with the inner emotional landscape.
      The evocative colourways intuitively capture the ephemeral realm of the sub-conscious,
      creating a visual link to the archetype represented


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