Holy smoke sounds

Immerse yourself in hours of evocative, emotive, energising music while you burn the Signature Range

Scent is often described as the most primordial sense, more emotionally tied to our memories than any other.

I believe this whole-heartedly. It has the power to take you beyond the present moment.. To transport you to another time or feeling in an instant, on a waft of smoke or buried in the embrace of a hug.

In the same way that scent can connect us to a place in ourselves I've always believed that music can as well. And the combination of the two can be very powerful and potent.

As well as a love of incense from childhood I have always had an affintiy with music and sound. My discman was my company on the bus to school and I carried around more CD's in weight than books. Every cafe and restaurant I worked in would play my playlists (although they had no choice in the matter) and I always felt the right song could communicate more than words could.

I've fallen in love through music, given birth while music carried me and music held me while I grieved, and while I grieved again.

When my old housemate and dear friend suggested I make these playlists because she loved listening to my Yoga playlist, long after we weren't living under the same roof and even when she doesn't DO yoga, I jumped at the idea and got immersed in the task for days. I enjoyed every second.

Some of the songs in the lists may be obvious why they've been included by the song titles, but mostly I curated them based on the feeling that they gave me, if they resonated while I burned the incense.

Hope you love them, hope you feel them.


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