About Us

Our Story
For many years, actually decades, the humble incense stick has played its role in supporting our personal daily spiritual life, from one generation and adopted by the next.
So let us introduce ourselves, a mumma and daughter team, Deborah or Deepa and Marli also called Mira. 
Its been such an enduring relationship from the liberating hippie days where words such as ‘yoga’ and ‘meditation’ were only very discreetly spoken in polite society to the mainstream acceptance by our culture today. 
Meanwhile the quality of incense has largely diminished driven by the profit margins, with toxic chemicals now involved.
Our intention with Holy Smoke is to offer a quality incense that restores confidence in such a simple yet potent product that enhances our mindful practices.
The small things in life do matter!
Happily for us, our ‘Holy Smoke’ eco-incense business dovetails nicely with shared passions of travel and embracing different cultures, pursuing our spiritual endeavours in our beloved sacred mountains and rivers of the Himalayas.
We are very grateful to simply enjoy time together and to make our small contribution toward eco awareness, supporting of handmade traditional skills and providing an incense of integrity.
Its is a privilege for the opportunity to play a small role in the great endeavour of humanity’s conscious awakening.
So a quiet moment to offer our thanks to all who participate in the ‘Holy Smoke’ story.
Thank you so much