Good scents

When purchasing Holy Smoke Eco Incense you can have Peace of Mind

  • for your health when you light up

  • in the ethical business practices behind the product

  • knowing all elements of the packaging are biodegradable or recyclable

why choosing the right incense is so important

Incense offers its gifts through the element of air so it makes good health sense to use quality incenses that are safe & non toxic.

 Cheap incense brands are cheap because they rely on an aromatic cocktail of inferior ingredients,
chemically enhanced scents & toxic additives of which, when burned can produce carcinogenic particles and be incredibly harmful to your health.

 Choose incenses that are made from natural ingredients, are ethically made & that support both you & the planet’s good health.

In the end we all share the same air.

holy smoke eco incenses

working with rural women in rajasthan

We are thrilled to be providing employment opportunities for rural women.

Creating a healthy happy work environment which dovetails with traditional village life.

Raising the bar for fair work and pay in this area.

Premium natural ingredients

Holy Smoke Eco Incense ingredients - Ayurvedic and Western - are responsibly sourced and include a high-quality activated charcoal, (important due to its purifying qualities,) resins, oils, bark powders, herbs, essential oils, aromatic woods, honey for binding and bamboo sticks

Eco friendly packaging

The packaging is either a handmade rag paper utilizing material off-cuts from commercial fashion and printed using azo-free inks or a recycled FSC paper.

We also send out all orders in recycled or recyclable materials


You can have full confidence that Holy Smoke Eco-Incense does NOT use Formaldehyde, Toluene, Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons, Carbonyl, Benzene, Diethyl phthalate.


holy smoke eco incense

Born in the Himalayas

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