our journey

Family, India and Incense

In 2018, at the foot of a Holy mountain, on the banks of a Holy river, the concept of developing our own eco incense brand emerged.

For Us

nature is nourishing & healing

food is medicine, 

dirt under our fingernails and salty crusty skin is healthy

we need to love & respect our planet

flowers are essential

if you grow some dahlias you will see that generosity & abundance are effortless

indigenous people are libraries of ancient wisdoms

kindness and caring should be cultivated for the sake of humanity

we can make up our own minds and we all possess common-sense

and if you follow your heart, in the end you will find what you are looking for

hello from us

Marli - Mira & Deborah - Deepa, a mumma & daughter team and we are passionate about our Incense


As a child born in the 50’s I am super grateful for the flower power revolution of the 60’s which liberated the suburban banality of the times introducing themes & possibilities of freedom, exotic lands, mysticism, loving one another and Incense

A packet of Incense has never been far away ever since.

The early death of a parent, like so many of us who navigate the experience, was the rocket fuel on the spiritual journey which crossed continents seeking the answers to the mysteries of life

The love of travel, the beauty & diversity of other cultures, embracing spiritual practices became embedded in my being

And by sheer and utter Grace I did find what I was looking for

And Incense was ever present

The family years followed and all the mayhem, hard work, obligation & identity obliteration, contributed to the greatest adventure ever

We sea changed, tree changed, built our homes, built other people’s home, grew our food, planted flowers, free ranged the children in the surrounding nature , and spent time in other cultures.

Together we grew beautiful bonds of love and deep respect for one other

Two amazing loving talented women emerged from those years, Marli and Jyoti.

Incense always drifting around us


Childhood was the best. We lived on 30 bush acres with river frontage and it was our Kingdom. 

Bush bashing up and down the hill for hours. 

Swimming to the island in the river to pick fresh blackberries while treading water. 

Making daisy chains in the garden while mum planted things around me. 

Animals, home made playdough, home grown vegies, flowers, records, woodsmoke and yes of course, incense. A wholesome education in the senses.

Then there was India! The place where surely the term sensory overload had been coined

Not only travelling there as a child, but growing up in our home being surrounded by textiles, imagery and incense is going to leave an impression. 

It was a part of every day family life.

I honestly couldn’t count how many times my friends would comment or refer to the smell of my parents house. To this day

After school I travelled (in India a lot), moved to Byron Bay (unsurprisingly), completed a Visual Art degree (which hopefully helped along the aesthetics), started a jewellery business (Juno Stone and Silver), started a family and circled back to the Far South Coast, where I get to work with mum and see my parents watching my daughter grow.

Life is good

The end result is such an awesome Incense and represents the culmination so far of our journey together 

And the journey keeps getting better and as always, incense tendrils captivatingly drift along with us

Our Holy Smoke Eco Incense is such a wonderful way to offer a little of ourselves, and we humbly hope our simple incense may elevate your life, support you, and expand your possibilities, as it does ours

love and blessings 

from us