Durga Yantra Gift Set
Durga Yantra Gift Set
Durga Yantra Gift Set
Durga Yantra Gift Set
Durga Yantra Gift Set
Durga Yantra Gift Set

Holy Smoke Eco Incense

Durga Yantra Gift Set

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Lovely Bespoke Handmade Durga Yantra Incense Holder paired with Holy Smoke Eco Incense Surrender and Prayer, a gift for offering Protection.

You or your giftee will receive a presentation package which includes a Yantra Incense holder with 2 packets of our eco incense and a lovely card describing the significance of the Durga Yantra symbol, ready to open as a gift.


The Durga Yantra Incense Holder

... the Sacred Geometry for protection
This is a great subtle vehicle for its protective & shielding influence.
Sought after for its unique combo of inspiring courage, fearlessness and love.
For conquering negative influences, attaining desires & bestowing prosperity.
... the perfect relationship between our Incenses and our bespoke Incense holder.

To potentize the benefits of the subtle energies of the Yantra we recommend 
*creating a dedicated space for it to reside
*regularly light some Holy Smoke Eco Incense consciously seeking the inherent blessings
*remember constancy is the key with ancient sacred geometry tool


•<||• PRAYER •||>•

 Soul-food, communing in the quiet sacred space within.

 Sourced deep in the monsoonal cedar forest, high altitude lichen, Rockmoss, carries the ‘Presence of the Forest Spirit’, inviting us to rest in our inner space

 The rich earthy woody notes melding with the beautiful restorative scent of high-altitude Sugandha Kokila and exotic heavenlyJasmine describing the love , peace and well-being that resides within.

 For enjoying your bliss.


•<||• SURRENDER •||>•

Relaxing the will to recognize the deep knowing within.

A clean, peppery and rounded spicy scent.

High in Sandalwood known for aiding spiritual practices and calming influence on the nervous system combined with a very high altitude Himalayan Angelica.
The indigenous tribal people wild harvest annually when the conditions are favourable.
The herb is associated with spiritual support, blessings, good luck and good health.

* Good for emotional balancing and relieving anxiety. Can be used for sacred ceremony to enhance enlightened divine awareness.