Peace & Love Gift Set
Peace & Love Gift Set
Peace & Love Gift Set
Peace & Love Gift Set
Peace & Love Gift Set
Peace & Love Gift Set

Holy Smoke Eco Incense

Peace & Love Gift Set

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Lovely Gift Set for offering Peace & Love to a special friend.

Set includes one packet each of Holy Smoke Eco Incense Peace & Love, paired with a handmade organic ceramic Avocado shaped incense holder.

These particular incense holders are perfectly designed for catching all ash from burning incense.

<||• LOVE •||>

The infinite source of all creation, the ultimate essence.
A gentle and graceful fragrance with an elegant earthiness.

Featuring Rose, positively activating the heart, creating opening and acceptance.
Sandalwood brings its exceptionally soft and uplifting qualities ushering in connection to spirit.
* Use for connecting with the heart centre, and inviting joy and happiness into life.

•<||• PEACE •||>•

The pervading sense of wholeness embracing harmony and tranquillity for all.

A smooth crisp scent both citrusy sweet, and grounding..

Blends Rose oil, great for the heart chakra alleviating stress and anxiety and Frankincense resin which is calming, empowering, rejuvenating the mind and body.

*Good for promoting peace, fulfillment and clarity